Healthy Recipes for Children – Some Ideas from Kidschoo

Food is fun. It is also healthy, nourishing, and essential. Not all foods are created equal. One of the secrets to keeping your family meals fun as well as healthy and nourishing is variety. The really big secret is serving foods that children will actually eat.

Most of us have several favourite standbys. Chances are that you rely on the ones that are the easiest to prepare. When you grocery shop, all too often the choice comes down to convenience versus nutritional value. You don’t have to be caught in this dilemma.

Why not begin with easy recipes that use the technology you already have on hand, such as your slow cooker? Cooking with vegetables from the supermarket does not have to be a laborious task involving peeling and chopping and boiling while a roast cooks in the oven. You can buy your veggies already sliced or diced and ready to cook in the frozen produce section.

Begin with a basic recipe that you can pop into the slow cooker in the morning and over time, you can modify it by using a different type of meat and different vegetables. Chicken rather than beef, perhaps? Do not be afraid of vegetarian recipes either.

Along with chicken, fish, or some other protein as the main dish, veggies, and a dash of your favourite seasonings, you have a dinner that is fit for royalty. Make summer cooking simple. A nice green salad for lunch. What could be easier?

If you have to contend with special diets, making easy meals at home give you a great deal of control over the ingredients you use. KidsChoo has meals, snacks, and drinks designed for babies and toddlers that can meet any of these special dietary preferences: organic, vegan, vegetarian, or dairy, gluten, nut, and wheat free.

Healthy Food at Kidschoo

At KidsChoo, we have some great solutions for those truly discerning young eaters in your family – the babies and the toddlers. You know how a baby will simply close her mouth and refuse food that she dislikes. Our baby and toddler food is not only KidsChoo approved, it is baby and toddler approved. These are meals that the wee ones love.

If you take a look at the baby food KidsChoo offers, you will find items such as Ella's Kitchen Big Smiles Cheesy Pie with Veggies. Babies love it. The ingredients are healthy. Little tongues get used to tastes that are not bland and boring. Young children learn to enjoy the taste of a well prepared vegetable recipe.

One of our delightful baby meals is Babease Sweet potato & pear with coconut water, brown rice & quinoa whereas older children like food such as Clearspring Organic Gluten Free Red Lentil Brown Rice Pasta. The best thing? It’s ready in just seven minutes! Little Pasta Organics Animal Shaped Pasta with Little Pasta Organics Red Pepper & Ricotta Sauce is another popular dish that we’d certainly recommend for meal times.

The “pasta sauce for kids” has a secret. A variety of veggies are hidden in the sauce, so finely chopped the kids can’t see them and therefore can’t reject them. When it comes to snack ideas, how about a delicious Pulsin Orange Choc Chip Fruity Oat Bar? What child does not love a good chocolate chip treat? Take a look at the great selection we have and don't forget that there is free UK delivery on orders over £10.