Healthy Eating Kids Ideas

One of the challenges of being a parent is the need to be a role model for eating well. It’s a good idea for our own health to make the right choices in what we eat and drink. Our bad habits may have evolved over the years and we think, wouldn’t it be lovely if we could give our kids the best possible start in life?

There can be a large gap between knowing something and implementing that knowledge. For instance, you know that foods with tons of sugar, fat, and additives are not a healthy choice. We may know that sugary drinks are not the best choice. We also know how convenient they are and how most kids prefer these tasty drinks. All right, maybe we prefer them too.

It’s best to stop bad habits before we begin them. At KidsChoo, our vision is to support you in providing your babies and toddlers with the healthiest options throughout their growth and development leaving you feeling guilt-free.

Life is busy and it is not always easy to prepare a balanced menu with all the fruits and vegetables children need for a healthy diet. If your kids are like most kids, they will resist new foods.

The way we learn to eat and enjoy the texture and flavour of food will follow us all our lives. In this day and age, parents are busy. It is often so compelling to take the easy way and give a toddler a sweet snack. After all, there is tomorrow when we can prepare a better, healthier snack.

The problem is, tomorrow never really arrives. All too often, neither do the best food choices for our growing babies whose bones, teeth, hair, and internal organs are being shaped and developed. This is where KidsChoo comes in. When it comes to good choices, you need options such as our Appy and Cawston fruit drinks or our Bear fruit snacks.

KidsChoo is a one stop shop for healthy products specifically for babies and toddlers. We’re a community of parents with a shared goal. We want our little ones to have the happiest, healthiest start possible.

It is our firm belief that a healthy start for all children provides the right building blocks for life. They will have good habits that last a lifetime. We want to spread the word and the resources – the healthiest baby and toddler food available – to you. You will be able to give your children the healthiest options for their growth and development and be able to do this without guilt.

Our meal choices are like fast food without the downside of poor quality, added sugar, and preservatives. Young children who eat well from the very beginning will develop good eating habits that will shape them for the rest of their lives. Little boys and girls will mimic their parents' behaviour. If a family meal has the right balance of carbohydrate and protein and the proper portion size, this is the habit that the child will develop and follow.

A day that starts with an unhealthy (high sugar) cereal for breakfast is all too common and it saps the child's energy which can lead to not enough physical activity and could cause weight problems. Aim for a breakfast with the right nutrients, a school lunch with tasty snacks, and a good family meal, and the cycle of poor nutrition is ended.

KidsChoo has a variety of options that can set your child on the path to loving really good food.