Goodness Gracious Foods Banana, Plum & Quinoa puree 140g

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Goodness Gracious Foods Banana, Plum & Quinoa puree 140g

Packed with vitamins and other essential nutrients, quinoa is widely regarded as an important superfood, and quite rightly. Introduce quinoa into your family’s diet together with two fantastic fruits that go oh so well – brilliant banana and perfect plum. As with all our purees, our banana, plum and quinoa recipe is free from any hidden salt, gluten, sugar or preservatives – it’s delicious enough and keeps unrefrigerated for up to a year, without any additives.


53% banana 25% plum 20% water 2% quinoa

Nutritional Information:

902 Nitrogen 902 Moisture 902 Total Fat 902 Non Fatty Acid Content Factor 902 Protein (Nitrogen x 6.25) 902 Ash 902 Sodium 902 Total Sugar 902 Dietary Fibre 902 Saturated Fatty Acids 902 cis- Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 902 cis- Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 902 Trans Fatty Acids 902 Total Carbohydrate 902 Available Carbohydrate 902 Calories 902 Energy 0.15 g/100g 81.7 g/100g 0.2 g/100g 0.956 0.9 g/100g 0.6 g/100g 0.01 g/100g 12.3 g/100g 2.0 g/100g


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Additional Info

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